The City Profile Show

The City Profile Show informs travellers about the great attractions, dining, shopping destinations and business services offered in many major Western Canadian cities. With emphasis on high quality production, viewers are both entertained and informed.


This is Comprehensive Visitor Information

Closed-circuit programming, available in each and every hotel room for the viewer's enjoyment -- twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

"This was a wonderful introduction to the city and province."
- Paulette D. Poirier, Edmonton Alberta


This is Targeted Marketing

Your company can help underwrite the cost of each city's program. If you are targeting the business traveler or tourist in your specific city, then you have attractions to promote:



Shopping Destinations


Each of these things helps make your city unique and interesting.


"The CPS show has been our best advertising to date"- George Kosmos, Owner, The Cave.

"The CPS show drives business through the door with measurable results"- Chris Beavis, Owner, Hotel Senator.

"I feel this show will help our guests feel more knowledgeable about what Saskatoon has to offer and presents the city in a very positive light."- Andrew B. Turnbull, General Manager, Delta Bessborough Hotel.


Online Now: Saskatoon City Profile Show

Just click on the Saskatoon City Profile Show links on the left: Introduction, Attractions, Dining, Shopping or Business Services and enjoy over 22 minutes of the show, which reveals that "Saskatoon Shines!"

Stay tuned for other major cities coming soon!


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Participating Cities

City Profile Show Regina

- Regina, Saskatchewan, c/o head office in Saskatoon

City Profile Show Edmonton

- Edmonton, Alberta

City Profile Show Calgary

- Calgary, Alberta

City Profile Show Victoria

- Victoria, BC

City Profile Show Vancouver

- Vancouver, BC

City Profile Show Winnipeg

- Winnipeg, Manitoba

Meet the Host!

Lisa Unrau, guides City Profile viewers
through a wide array of venues each city
has to offer!
Background photo provided by Tourism Saskatoon